The prolific root-like plant that covers Khorrum, it is a major hazard for unaware travelers due to their explosive nut-like growths. The roots are often used for medicinal applications, but its extremely sour and bitter taste leaves it not oftenly consumed.


The Wordra's fibrous and absorbant leaves are large, meant to capture moisture and get as much exposure to sunlight as possible. The leaves are surrounded by numerous plum-sized nuts growing from the stem, these nuts contain hundreds of extremely durable seeds. The stem of the plant supplies a small amount of oxygen into the seeds, keeping the volatile chemicals within inert. As the nut matures, the connection to the stem becomes weak to the point that even a strong breeze can knock them loose. Without a supply of oxygen, the chemicals within react to each other and eventually explode violently, especially powerful for their small size. The explosion can take minutes or even days, but when they do, their seeds embed into anything within range, usually animals. The seeds themselves are covered in an adhesive coating that wears away over time, spreading the seeds across the savanna.


Wordra tend to grow almost anywhere, but the thrive in open ranges of land where they can absorb as much sunlight as possible.


While the hazardous nature of the nuts growing from the Wordra is cause enough to avoid them, the large and bitter tasting root below has extremely strong medicinal properties. The Mhenuur often mash the root and use it as an antibacterial paste for dressing wounds or consuming to cure internal afflictions such as ulcers. It can also be also be treated through a long process involving pureeing the root and adding the juice of the Quima root until it is a thick liquid. The mixture is then left to ferment for one month, the finished product is called "Wor'Jun" and has extremely regenerative properties when consumed or used topically, often healing large gashes or severe burns in a couple hours as well as cure the body of poisons and some minor diseases. The Whoro'cro have begun developing a more concentrated recipe that involves boiling the mixture and then freezing it immediately, the wor'jun then solidifies completely regardless of climate and is cut down into discs. The discs are much more potent then their liquid cousin and has a more apparent pain relieving effect on the user.