The Ver'Urum is a tall palm tree like plants of Khorrum, and is the main food source of the Hounif and can live for centuries. Their base houses two large heart-like bulbs, one that collects excess hydrogen within the tree and the other produces large quantities of sap.


Standing roughly 9 feet tall on average, these trees are covered in crimson thorns to protect its base from any animal looking to make a nest within or to get at the roots. At the top, it sprouts clusters of thin leaves and funnel water into the trunk. Within, the Ver'Urum contain two large bulbs, the sap gland and the water liver. The sap gland produces and secretes mass amounts of a thick sap that is transferred to outside the plant, coating it to keep water in and with the side benefit of sticking hapless animals trying to land on it, with the intent that in their panic, the captured will impale themselves on the thorns; the body acting as fertilizer and attracting more potential food. The water liver collects excess hydrogen left over in the tree to be combined with the expelled oxygen produced from the Ver'Urum, in an amazing feat of elemental binding, to create additional water. The roots grow deeply, sometimes twice the length of the trunk itself; they have a strong analgesic effect.


They grow sparsely among the savannas of Khorrum, but due to their physiology, tend to grow far away from the coasts where the salt air would dry out their sap and trunk.


Mhenuur rarely harvest this plants, instead preferring to take small portions of the roots and growing them in planters, cutting any growth above the root itself. The roots are often mixed with the Wordra for severe and painful injuries that take great lengths of time to heal.