Vartan are a breed of hound found only on Rekkan. Often augmented by technological parts, these hardy war hounds typically have black fur, and red eyes, like slits. Their ape like tails are actually another appendage, adapted for use as balance on the large Eder trees that cover Rekkan.


Vartan are generally friendly, calm beasts, except when hungry, or when they feel they or their young are threatened. Generally playful, they are great companions, and better war dogs, defending their masters as adamantly as their young.

Vartan for all their good features, are reliably stupid. While they understand commands given to them by their Dramer masters, that is only because of the natural magical symbosis that exists between the two. Left to their own devices, Vartan would probably end up chasing a squirrel up a tree, and falling off.


Vartan live in the Eder Forests on Rekkan, but make a home in underground burrows and caves, where their young are safer. Domesticated Vartan live with their masters.

Prey and Predators

The Vartan have few natural predators, given the isolated nature of the island. One notable exception is the Lankey, and the Ra'tun.

As for prey, the Vartan hunt Golden Squirrels, as well as small birds, stray Lankey, as well as eat berries, nuts and fruit.