Relan Matan


AE 206th day, 184th Year


Soldier, Dragon Warrior, Dragon Monk Lorekeeper


Tolat Matan - Daughter



Relan Matan was the 121st Dragon Warrior, a Dragon Monk, a companion of Rekkan Remor and the first Lorekeeper at the College of Rekkan. He achieved transcendence in the the 304th Year of the Red Era.

Early Life

Relan was born during the Autumn Era 206th day, 184th Year. Not much is known about his early life, as anyone who knew but him died during The Red War, and he himself never said.


Relan was a closed off, reclusive person - though the same could be said for any Dramer. Very little is know about him or his mannerisms during his early life, and during the Red War. After the Red War, he was described as a very caring, very thoughtful person, committed to rebuilding the Dramer race, but that he always had a certain coldness to him.

Professional Life

Relan was one of the few soldiers to make it through the entire Red War. All that is known about Relan during the Red War is that he let it known that he had always been a soldier.

After the Red War, Relan was one of the founders of the College of Rekkan, wanting it to be open, and teach everyone, so that if the travesties that happened during the Red War ever happened again, the Dramer wouldn't have to start again. He was also the first Lorekeeper of the College.

Relan was one of the first Dragon Warriors to defect from the order, and become a Dragon Monk. Having known Rekkan all his life, he claimed that the Dragon Warriors wanted exactly what Rekkan hadn't - War. His support brought the Order great prowess, and would become the dominant political force in Rekkan.


Relan achieved the first recorded case of transcendence, though from his writings, we know that there had been many before him. Before he transcended, he claimed to have figured out why the Dramer are reborn after death, and claimed to be able to resurrect any dead Dramer. The mechanism behind it was never recorded.