The Oro'skur are the second largest of the Aq'Ryss clans, and share many similarities with the Oro'ryst, but differ in their approach to life out in the greater world. While they still scavenge and work like their brethren, they have taken to forming independent leaderships, mostly made from the few Oro'skur that show talent in trading with other races.


They form large caravans, often with several trade-leaders followed by numerous lesser Oro'skur who are the labor for the caravans while the trade-leaders focus on selling their wares to who ever will listen. They will sell just about anything; from herbs to intoxicants, rags to luxurious silks, meats to exotic pets with the occasional confusion between the two. Their wares are mostly from what ever they can scavenge or steal as the Aq'Ryss have a hard time understanding the idea of personal property, which can lead to distrust or outright banning by the locals.