Navarshùn is an inlet located to the south of the Thyrosic Empire. Navarshùn is a charred wasteland, totally devoid of most forms of life. Despite this, it is home to the Navar, a race of hardy elves. It is unknown how Navarùn became a wasteland, and no conclusive theories have been put forward.


It is told that Navarshùn was once a fertile, green land with rolling pastures and thick forests, similar to modern day Thyros. When the proto-elves arrived and settled in it, they enjoyed land unrivalled in all of Thyros. For whatever reason, by the time The Thyrids began to keep records, Navarshùn had disappeared from any maps or geographical writings. By the time it was rediscovered by the fledgling Thyrosic Empire in the early Autumn Era, the land had gone from a lush paradise to a charred wasteland, and the proto-elves, once similar to the Tallin of the north, had turned into the Navar. The Thyrids were about to leave the wasteland, when it was discovered that the Navar were master blacksmiths, and could even shape ebony, a skill otherwise limited to the Dramer. Because of the relative stupidity of the Navar, The Thyrids quickly seized control of their lands, and put them to use supplying the Empire with metal goods.