The Jún is the most northern tip of the Dún, and the homeland of the Junnín, as well as the name of the capital city of the region.


The Jún as a city and a region is well groomed and planned out. Being one of the least mountaneous regions in the entire Dún, it is covered in rolling green pastures and beautiful country estates. In it's heart lies the city of Jún.


The city of Jún is laid out logically into grids. It's industrial, residental and commercial districts are laid out so that the richest and the poorest are divided accordingly. The richer and industrial areas are well irrigated, but both water and fire are a problem in poorer district.

Politics and Economics

The Jún is ruled over by by the Junnín, and it's politics and economics are ruled over by them with an iron fist. More information can be found on their page.

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