Role(s) Leader of the Tenatua, symbol of redemption
Other Names Ruidagh (Dael)

Roan-Dog (Atherin)

Forms Wolf, with glowing white eyes, often obscured by black fog
Date of Creation After the birth of Ugana, Provenance of Laira
Symbols Black Wolves,

Dagalt, Dark Fog, Open-bottomed triangle

Religions The Collective,

Apostles of Daín, Ceodin, Carthrism

Parent(s) None
Sibling(s) Possibly the other Tenatua
Grund (AraneseUnknown), Ruidagh (Dael: Rɵıƌʌcɦ tr. Ruidagh "Wolf King"), or the Roan-Dog is one of the five Tenatua, a group of Other-Spirits known for their mysterious place in many religions across Kyros, most famously in the Collective. He is known to strike fear into any mortal by a mere gaze, though he is not often associated with anything evil—especially after his (and the other Tenatua's) revelation following the first Grimhunt. Grund supposedly leads the Tenatua, being the most powerful of the five spirits.

Though it is uncertain exactly when Grund came into existence (as with many of the Other-Spirits), Kalopsis supposedly found them deep in the Void to hunt and kill Ugana, in exchange for the power of "Night-Eyes". It is implied that Grund and the Tenatua were already roaming Laira before being called to conduct the first Grimhunt.



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