The Grey Skins were a rebel faction of Jarvah founded in the Aftermath of The Red War, that originally set out to return Dram to the Dramer.


During The Red War, The Jarvah drove the Dramer out of their homeland, Dram. After the Red War, the island was colonized. The settlers began to pity the Dramer, who had had their land taken from them, their people killed or enslaved. They wanted to share the island with them, to give them back at least part of their ancestral homeland. Matamus - the leader of the settlers, went to Solis, to see the Augúm Trey, and asked them to free all Dramer slaves, and return the most eastern part of the island to the Dramer. Most of the Council agreed, including the High Priest Hrandin, who wished to sell Dram to the Dramer for profit, and invade Khorrum

However, Maximus, a General in the Jarvah Army, who had led the vicious genocide against the Dramer, stormed into the council chamber, with ten armed guards, he took power from the Augúm Trey, and had Matamus and Hrandin killed.

Soon afterwards, Matamus son, Victumus, took power on Dram, starting the Jarvah Civil War. The Civil War was long and bloody, and ended with the death of Victumus. After Victumus fell in single combat with Maximus, the rebellion was wiped out by Usareik's army.

Aftermath of the Jarvah Civl War

The war had numerous consequences, felt around the world

  • It gave the Dramer a Vital trade route to get their Ebony to other parts of the world
  • It freed around 5000 Dramer slaves
  • Weakened the Jarvah greatly.