The Faelands are a large plateau in the very center of Atheryin. They are well-known for being an extremely volatile, fabled environment of shifting landscapes and alien flora and fauna. Many races and animals shy away from the largely inaccessible landscape as a means of safety, given the strong magic power eminating from the area.

Only traversed by those of myth, men of a blessed nature, or even demigods themselves, the Faelands lie in the continent's center, west of the Fissure and east of Thyros. They are commonly known to be a large plateau, crested at the land's brim by mountains, making the location nearly impossible to reach. Several civilizations have attempted to access the fabled land, including the Lyrians, Leoth, and Taryphos. The only civilization confirmed to access the area (aside from those existing in myth) is the Trynra, who only returned mutated and insane.

Little is known about the Faelands' creation, but many religions hail it as a holy place that bears an example of how one must not tamper with the power of the gods. Collectivists and most scholars favor the myth that the land's magic presence was formed by the death of Ugana, the creation mother, and the subsequent impact of her spiritual body at this location created all of Kyros. This, of course, is debated among many other world religions, but is largely upheld by the scholarly community (including the College of Rekkan) as one of the most plausible causes of the area's creation. It is believed to be the god's soul itself that festers among the landscape, dementing and enlightening all things that cross its path.


Few have ever seen the Faelands' deadly landscape, and those who have usually return insane, or horribly corrupted. It is a land of constantly shifting areas, many claims of being within the region are not similar, but some notable areas in the outer regions of the Faelands have been visited by multiple people, each returning with the same description.

Notable Locations

Lycorynth - An ancient city at the southern foot of the Faelands, this stone ghost town is host to a deadly haunting and strange inhabitants.

Oritum Arches - Giant stone arches between two mountains, they are known to be a product of Stone-Tree's destruction of the Ohkorralta. The breathtaking landscape has been rumored as extremely spiritual in nature, but is extremely deadly to access.

Adder Colossus - A large stone structure built by unknown peoples, the Adder Colossus is one of many colosses among Atheryin. It lies on the fringes of the Faelands, in the Ohkorra Desert. The Lyrians built the Star Culler at its highest point.