A 50 Year Old Eder Tree - a relative baby compared to most Eder trees.


The Eder is a type of deciduous tree. In younger years, it's bark is supple, and flexible, but as it grows older, the bark becomes as hard as iron, and requires magic, or Dramer technology to be cut and shaped.

It has a completely circular leaf, and in the spring flourishes with brilliant orange, yellow and gold flowers, that produce a psychedelic effect when it's nectar is consumed.

In autumn, it drops a brown-orange fruit, that is spherical, sweet, and furry on the outside. When boiled, it produces a similar psychedelic effect to the flowers, but when consumed raw, is perfectly safe, and drops a large seed too big to be consumed.


The Eder Tree exists solely on Rekkan, the Dramer homeland, and remains mostly it's forests have remained mostly intact since the beginning of time. In recent years, the Dramer have begin to cut back the forests for farmland and for housing, though due to the nature of the island, and the trees toughness, this has proven difficult.


The Eder Tree is primarily used to produce Ambrosia, using the nectar, and the fruit. The nectar produces a liquid, and the fruit a smokeable paste.

The wood is extremely light, strong in elder years, and extremely supple when young, making mid-year Eder wood perfect for ship building. The older wood is used for buildings, and pipes, in which to smoke Ambrosia. The younger wood is used to produce bows.

The sap of the Eder tree can be used as glue, or as resin to be used in construction. When heated, it turns to a sticky liquid, and when cooled, is rock hard, and looks orange.