The Dún is the collective group of city states on the eastern shore of Atheryin, and the current homeland of the Dunaan.


The majority of land in the Dún is highlands, though large mountains that rim the coastline make up almost a quarter of the total area. The rest is marshy bogland, which the Dunaan drain and cut for peat, a naturally occurring source of fuel. A small percentage of the land is forested, though most forests have been cleared away for grazing or agricultural use.

Dún Mountains


The Dún was originally part of the Lyrian Empire. It's people subjucated, they had no thought to rule themselves. When the Empire fell to their northern brethen, the Nokana Empire, the Dunaan of Dún warred with each other. Families, eager to fill the power vaccuum, set up independent city states, constantly feuding with one another. The land ran red with blood, and for years countless wars raged. Finally, the families of the Dún met, to end the bloodshed. They formed an alliance. Each city state would remain independent, but all city states would be ruled over by the High King. The High King would be elected by the families, from the families, and so the Dún was born.

Politics and Economics

Dún map

The Dún is divided up into provinces, and those provinces are ruled over by the various Dunaan Families. From most northern to most southern, the provinces are the Jún, the Rín, the Nún, the Tóbh, the Túm, the Hón, the Órr, and the Rón. The families of these provinces are the Junnín, the Rínnan, the Núninn, the Tóbhan, the Túmun, the Hónnan, the Órrinn, and the Rónnan.

The Dún is completely divided by the different provinces. It's political and economic landscapes ranges so much that the only thing that can describe the country as a whole is fractured. It's only common factor is that most of the families do not co-operate with each other. There are exceptions, but alliances are usually short lived, and only to protect mutual interests, not in the spirit of brothership.