The competing apex predator of Khorrum, these arachnids hollow out boulders to use as shells for protect from the sun and against their rival predators the Ghorrim. They primary eat small animals and take down Hrum-va and Corra'bo for most of their diet. They are often hunted by the Mhenuur for their fangs and thick, hide-like covering. Wurxith poach them for their acidic saliva and physically agitating blood.


The Brukk'da start out life extremely small in size, no bigger then an average hous spider, but grow drastically in adolescence and adulthood, to that of the size a small elephant. These beasts use the acidity of their saliva to hollow out rocks to use as protection from sunlight and attackers alike, as well as a hiding spot to ambush hapless prey that wanders too close. Females lay their egg sacks in the side of the volcanic range, making large burrows in the rock to keep them out of the sight of predators and to let the volcanic heat warm them gently rather then drying out in the sun. The females then spray the opening with their silk and gather dirt over it for camouflage. Each sack contains millions of eggs, but Brukk'da don't mate often and many young die before reaching adulthood. The Brukk'da breathe out of numerous spiracles along their abdomen and lower cephalothorax to not only intake oxygen, but also to regulate their body temperature while under their stifling rock 'shells' and to attract their prey by the slight breeze and fruity smelling pheromones emitted during this process. While the Ghorrim prefer the open savanna and the Brukk'da hunt along the volcanic range's base, young and adolescent Brukk'da must hunt further away from the mountains and become easy prey for the Ghorrim. The mutual food source they share in the Hrum-va often pits these predators against each other along their borders.

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