The large, sea lion like invertebrates that make their home along the shores of Khorrum, they are highly social animals that gather in large pods. Males sport a massive horn on their head (as seen) that is used to fight off rivals from their harems and is a sign of strength.


About 30% larger then a sea lion, the Borm'na are omnivores, feasting on alge, seaweed, small fish, and almost anything that can fit in its mouth. They have a thick carapace to protect them from most predators, barnicles often grow along their undersides. They bodies contain a large system of air bladders to maintain their water level and to keep their heavy shells afloat. Males have a massive horn that dominates their cranial region, often used to fight rivals away from their harems.


Often hunted by the Mhenuur for their succulent flesh hidden within, they are easy prey for civilized races. In early Mhenuur nautical history, Borm'na were often captured in youth and trained to pull large barges across the open sea. This has fallen out of favor as newer and more refined shipbuilding has reduced the need for work animals. There are a few Borm'na in the Khor'Juhn-dro aquarium, the only one in all of Khorrum.